Bible Fiction

Any time my husband travels, my kids and I sit at the dinner table and stare at his empty chair with a downcast spirit. Then someone taps into a favorite tradition we reserve for his trips:

“Tell us a Bible story, Mom!”

This is the only time I shed my no nonsense mom-cloak and get into character to make the Bible come alive.

For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated by what is not said in the blank spaces of scripture. When I picture the men and women of the Bible I see their stories in living color. Gleaning from their faith journey strengthens our family and it will strengthen yours as well.

Humanity has not changed all that much. We still experience the basic emotional responses to events in our lives and these stories connect us with the truth and glory we live to reveal. It is a colorful community of people who lived functional faith and I am inviting them to join us!

Here you can find my recent stories as well as my Christmas Mini-Series and any other stories I decide to retell.